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Slayer improvements am 07 Dezember 2017
The slayer calculator has been massively updated this week, finally bringing it fully up-to-date with EoC and bringing various other improvements. There is now categories for each slayer master, allowing you to easily see the options for your master of choice. There is also support for slayer contracts. Most importantly, there is now at least one entry for every single possible slayer task all the way from Turael to Morvran.

One small issue to note is that the XP values have not all been confirmed to be 100% accurate, I will be working on this but it is obviously an enormous task that not even the wikia has fully accomplished.
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More Calculator Updates am 24 September 2017
This month I've been working on the calculators again, bringing them up to date and improving the experience boost calculations. Specifically, I've added the Desert Pantheon 10% boost, pulse core boost and missing skill outfits to the calculators. More will come in the future but it takes considerable time to double check in-game how the various boosts work in combination, as it's not always consistant. I have also added the ability to mouse over the xp values in the calculators to see it's pre-boost value.
Kategorie: RuneScape
Calculator Updates am 09 Februar 2017
Just when you thought the site was dead the herblore calculator has been updated with all the current potions and such! I also added the botanist's outfit to it and completed its German translation. I hope to make similar progress on other calculators throughout the year and also remove and/or update other outdated sections of the site.
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