Welcome to the Treasure Trail section. In this section you will find guides telling you how to do the various clue scrolls found in runescape.

Basic Info

Treasure Trails are a way to find treasure around Runescape. They are members only but some of the rewards can be sold to Non Members. To do a Treasure Trail, you must get a Clue Scroll. You can't trade Clue Scrolls, and you can only have 1 at a time. Depending on the monster that dropped the scroll it will be one of 3 levels, theres no way to tell what level it is unless you know what level clue that monster drops. There is also a few other ways to get clue scrolls, these will be described in a guide sometime in the future. The level of the clue determines the difficulty and amount of tasks, as well as how good the rewards are. To complete a Clue Scroll just keep doing clues until you get a reward. The reward will be a random set of items.

When you read a Clue Scroll it will show you something. The possible clue types are:

Anagram: Gives you an anagram which you must solve. It will be in all caps and makes no sense.
Challenge Scroll: Gives you a question which you must answer, the answer is always a number.
Co-ordinate: Gives you a set of co-ordinates (ex: 01:24 North 08:05 West) which you must locate.
Puzzle Box: These puzzles must be solved and given back to the person.
Riddles: Gives you a riddle which you must solve.
Search Inside: These clues will tell you to look inside something like a crate or box.
Talk To: These clues will tell you to talk to someone.
Treasure Map: Shows you an X marking the spot.
Uri: These clues will give you emote(s) to do, items to wear, and a location to do it.

For More details on Clue Scrolls check out the various guides on the sidebar.
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